Carbon efficient chartering

CO2 emission estimates before fixing,
complete climate reports and internal
emission dashboard.

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FreiXchange daily CO2 emission index

FreiXchange helps chartering and shipping professionals make better, more informed decisions in an efficient and secure environment.


Transparent analytics powered by pure data with no subjective input, giving you a factual foundation to build your market view.

Chartering tools

Leverage smart tools and automate administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on commercial optimisation.


Automated recaps and fixture documentation, eliminating time spent on manual reporting while keeping you fully compliant

Reduced freight emissions

Leverage data to track, measure and reduce the environmental footprint of your shipping activities.

The process you know in a digital format

FreiXchange makes chartering more efficient and controlled, handles documentation in accordance with today’s requirements to compliance and is supported by analytical tools. The cloud-based platform automates administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on commercial optimization.

The platformMarket intelligence

Easy to use, easy to get started

Using FreiXchange requires no IT investment or installation, and all you need to get started is a web browser. Our experienced chartering & operations team helps set up your profile with company, vessel and chartering details.