Easy to use, deep insights

We leverage big data and base our analytics on pure mathematics with no subjective input, creating a factual foundation to build your market view. Stay on top of the market, spot trends and find available tonnage – all in one integrated chartering platform.

Data driven, actionable insights

Find available tonnage faster

With our Ship Availability Model you don’t have to spend hours looking through multiple position lists.

Find potentially available ships by the click of a button in a live and dynamic position list, based on your technical and commercial requirements.

Search on criteria’s such as ship operator, ship open position, current location or technical specification.

With over 70% of the global tanker fleet registered, the FX Ship Availability Model have you covered.

Analyse the market

Leverage data and build your market view.

Spot trends and development for vessel availability. Discover physical positions and ETA for load ports and plan your chartering activities.

Drag and drop to build company-specific reports in seconds and stay on top of the market.

Easy to use, easy to get started

Using FreiXchange requires no IT investment or installation and all you need to get started is a secure web browsers. Get in contact now!