Tools tailored for today’s chartering process

FreiXchange is founded by people with extensive industry experience and developed in line with feedback from oil companies, commodity traders and large tanker owners.

Internal cargo board

Collaborate across departments and plan your cargo program. Add freight requests and go to market directly from your cargo board.

Freight request

Issue freight requests and cover the market by a few clicks. Create templates for quick and easy coverage. Invite specific owners or find available tonnage through our ship availability monitor, covering 70% of the global tanker fleet

Evaluation matrix

Complete overview and instant assessment of all indications with our Evaluation Matrix. All communication is done in a one-to-one environment, leaving you in full control of information.

Terms & conditions

Go firm and negotiate terms & conditions directly in the platform. Use previously agreed terms as as-per-last or add clauses and documents to the fixture. Save for future use.

Clean fixture recap

Clean Fixture Recap instantly generated and issued to both parties when subs are lifted. All recaps are safely stored in your personal library.

Fixture documentation and reports

Eliminate time spent on manual reporting and extract custom and standard reports directly from the platform including voyage summary, financial report, emission report and more. FreiXchange offers to set up reports for company specific needs.