Digital tools for sustainable tanker freight

Easy to choose the green alternative

FreiXchange provides CO2 emission estimates for vessel and route options, making it easy to choose the optimal alternative.

Save time with automatically generated climate statements and carbon reports. Track your footprint with the internal emission dashboard.

The method is built on IMOs principles.

Track, report and reduce CO2 emissions

Without having to spend time doing it..

Vessel Emission Data

Automatically calculated CO2 emission estimates for vessel and route alternatives before you fix a vessel. Find and fix the greenest vessels and reduce your carbon footprint.

Automatic Carbon Reporting

Don’t spend time on manual reporting. FreiXchange automatically produce climate statements and carbon reports for your voyages.

Emission Dashboard

Track your CO2 emissions. Define company goals and measure performance. Extract custom or standard reports directly from the platform.

Easy to use, easy to get started

Using FreiXchange requires no IT investment or installation and all you need to get started is a secure web browsers. Get in contact now!